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Presenting a workshop in ICAISV-2023

A workshop has a narrow scientific focus and great attraction in the field of smart vehicle or related topics. Each company as well as a group of scholars can propose a workshop for ICAISV-2023. The conference chair considers the proposal and share it between some advisors and make decision about the acceptance or rejection of workshop proposal. Any workshop proposal should contain the following items: 

1-         Workshop title 
2-         Names and affiliations of presenters 
3-         Contact information 
4-         Workshop abstract 
5-         Workshop audience 
6-         Workshop duration 
7-         Necessary infrastructure and tools (for in-person and virtual participants) 
8-         Workshop fee for in-person and virtual participants 
9-         Expected number of participants
10-    Presentation language (English or Persian)

Important Notes:

  • * Each participant can register in any workshop and must pay the workshop fee before the conference date.
  • * The expected number of participants in every workshop should be greater than 10, otherwise the conference chair can cancel the workshop. Trivially, the workshop fee is returned in the case of workshop canceling by conference chair.
  • * A workshop certification is issued for participants.
  • * The workshop revenue is shared equally between the conference chair and the workshop presenter, although the workshop presenter can waive her/his share to support the conference.
  • * Please send the workshop proposal via the e-mails: aismartvehicle@aut.ac.ir
  • with a carbon copy to ICAISV2023@gmail.com or via the fax number: +9821 66497930.